Small Assignments

Here are links to the various small homework assignments that I’ve completed for class.

5 Things Every Good Blogger Should Consider ( A Rhetorical Analysis of Multimodal Texts) 

What’s up with Digital Rhetoric? 

Boom! The Five Rhetorical Canons

Make ‘Em Snooze, You Lose

Arrangement and His Family: Kairos, Rhetorical Velocity, and Digital Delivery

The One With The Group Project (On Arrangement)

The Faux Pas of Fast Fashion: My Project Proposal

Minimalists Wear Black… That’s a Rock Fact: Project 3 Proposal

Another Day Another Project…Project 3 That Is

Maps and Minimalism

Yelling to No One; Escaping the Echo-Chamber or Taking Advantage of it

Project Planning to Avoid Past Predicaments

Update 1: Bippity Boppity Brainstorm

Final Project Storyboard

Project Update 3

That’s a Wrap: Finishing my Final Project