Site Information

This site has been created specifically for my digital rhetoric class so that I can increase my digital literacy. I think very carefully about each and every decision that I make because I want it to consistently look, feel, and even sound a certain way.


My target audience for this blog is young adults, and I want the blog to be a combination between cozy, classy, and useful. The articles in my blog contain a balance between offbeat humor and information that readers can actually use in their daily lives. The logo and color choices are meant to reflect the youthfulness of my target audience, however, the relatively minimalist layout and clean lines of the theme that I have chosen add a level of maturity. I also try to select images that are high quality and feature subjects that would appeal to the target audience.


On the sidebar I add content such as social media buttons that may be of interest to my followers and a song of the moment which gives people something to listen to if they so choose. I aim to have songs that are genuine to who I am and what vibes with me, because the goal of this blog is to influence others to be their true selves. Integrating music is also part of my attempt to integrate as many types of media as possible because the more interaction that one has with my blog and its content, the better!