About Me


Hi! I’m Paige aka Poppet. I’m a college student who will be graduating in May 2018 and I’m currently Secretary of ODK, the national leadership honor society. I have completed a summer program on International Business at Oxford University, attended the Boston Leadershape program (no that isn’t a typo), and dedicated countless hours to bettering my communication skills via work study positions, internships, and courses. My mission for this blog is to use the skills that I have learned to hone my digital literacy, while providing you with the wisdom, stories, and articles that may help you lead your most fulfilling life.

I’m not claiming to be some magical guru who sits on top of a cotton candy mountain and solves all of your problems. I’m still learning how to utilize words, images, and graphic design principles in an efficient and effective way. Plus, not all of my tips and tricks will work in your individual circumstances, and some of my articles will be a bit sillier than they are helpful. But what I am promising is to do my best to offer you a blog full of articles that are worth reading. Why? Because we never really know how to better ourselves until someone taps us on the shoulder and says “try this!” That’s what I’m here to do; to give you the nudge that you need to be your best self and help others do the same. So grab a London Fog latte, put on your fuzziest pair of socks, and enjoy!


Why Poppet?

Poppet is an affectionate term used in Britain to describe someone (usually a girl) who is particularly kind or loveable. It is the name that my mother nicknamed me after we saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean and the one pirate said to Elizabeth Swann “ ‘Ello Poppet.” We had no idea what it meant at the time, but the name stuck ever since.