Image by me, Paige Hawk

That’s a Wrap; Finishing my Final Project

With the last week of classes just around the bend, I’m eager to tie up loose ends from my classes so that I can enjoy a month of cookie baking, yoga, movie-watching and whatever else nourishes my soul. One of these loose ends, dear reader, is the final draft of my multimodal project as well as a presentation of this final draft in class!

The incredibly wise Ron Swanson once said, “Never half ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” At least, I’m pretty sure that’s the quote; if not then forgive me, I need to rewatch the series. It is a quote that I’ve taken to heart which is why instead of submitting fragments of an undone project in the past few weeks, I tried my best to achieve a final draft from the get-go. In other words, I whole-assed it on the first try thus leading to a minimal amount of criticism during peer editing periods. One of the criticisms that I did receive, however, is to make my project ADA friendly. Until about five minutes ago I wasn’t positive what this meant, but from my understanding it means that I should make my project user-friendly for those with disabilities. In order to achieve this, I am going to try to caption the photographs included in my project so that it can be read by pdf reading softwares for those who need to use them. Ideally I will be able to integrate this into the project itself, however, if not I will include the descriptions of the photographs below the pdf itself.

As for the presentation, I need to prepare what I’m going to say and when. I’m someone who needs to do a combination between preparing and just letting it fly the day of the presentation…If I over-prepare I trip up because it feels inauthentic and I have a young-adult-life-crisis about how I’m not presenting my true self to the world. If I under-prepare the knowledge train goes off of the tracks faster than you can say “choo choo!” In order to avoid the last scenario, I’ll stare blankly at my project while rehearsing a presentation until the words begin to make sense. In order to avoid the first scenario I won’t practice so much that the word “minimalism” begins to sound foreign.

Header image by me
(If you’re wondering how it is related, it really isn’t. But nature is calming and finals week is near, so sue me)


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