Project Update 3

I like to work ahead, and I’d rather spend a large chunk of time doing a project all at once than work on it in small increments. People always think that I’m insane as a result of this…they wonder how I’ve managed to complete multiple projects before they’ve even thought of an idea for one of theirs, and they ask how I can possibly have the attention span. The truth is, the reason why I can get things done within a such a seemingly short timeframe is because I know that while everyone else is rushing to get their assignments done, I’ll have time to either sit back and relax, or refine the heck out of my work. It’s as simple as that. I’d rather have one horrible day of non-stop work than multiple days of stress and being unable to focus on doing the things that I’d rather be doing. 

That is why I’ve already done a majority of what I need to do for my rough cut. I’ve written content, played with a layout for my project, and taken photos. I’ve already received feedback from friends who like what I’ve been working on, but I look forward to receiving even more feedback in the future once I’ve edited it even more. 

Header Image Taken by Me


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