taken by me

Final Project Storyboard

Once upon a time, I was assigned a final project, so I drafted up this chicken-scratch storyboard to help me out. As someone who is used to either producing things organically as opposed to planning them, or keeping all of my ideas inside of my head until execution time, it was a strange process. However, if for some reason I forget what I would like to do (which happens now and then), the little sketches below will help me out. The sketches in themselves look boring but I know that with some snazzy photos and good choice of typography, I can achieve the look that I want. I’m going for a look similar to that of Marc Jacobs advertisements in Teen Vogue when I was a teen; the content always captured my attention because it was so simple compared to the others that simply tried too hard. I don’t want my work to be loud or overcrowded. I want to use the minimalist mindset of less is more during the design phase of this project.

Storyboard by me

Header image by me


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