Update 1: Bippity Boppity Brainstorm

In Cinderella it was so swell how the fairy godmother was able to wave her wand and turn a sloppy sad girl into the epitome of a princess. I suppose we all wish that we had that power, the power to magically achieve all of life’s dreams by doing practically nothing. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. If you want to get anything done you’ve got to work hard and think it through. That is why this weekend I Bippity-Boppity brainstormed various details regarding my final project.

Because I am going to make a myth-busting lifestyle guide, the first logical step was to brainstorm myths. So far I have 6, which I think is a good amount, but I may try to either decrease it to 5 because that is such a nice number, or increase it for the sake of having more content. That being said, I don’t want this guide to be huge; I know that I personally would get discouraged from reading something if it had too many pages.

I’ve also brainstormed how I’m going to go about busting these myths, and what images I can integrate into the design. In a magical land I’d have a gorgeous minimalist house or space that I could go to take pictures in! But in reality, I’ll probably take most of the pictures in my bedroom because it is the most appealing spot into our small house to take photographs. I also want the photographs to all have a similar look and vibe so limiting myself to taking the photographs within one space will help with this. I will use photoshop to touch up the pictures that I take; it is a medium that I have grown increasingly comfortable with throughout the years. However, I will use canva.com for the actual construction of the guide because it is much more user friendly and has tons of cool design elements at your finger-tips!

Header image courtesy of Viktor Hanacek at picjumbo.com


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