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Another Day, Another Project…Project 3 That is.

As stated in a previous post, for project three I will be learning the ideologies of the minimalist movement by analyzing social media posts that are related to that topic. The sites that I have been analyzing are Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube because I am the most familiar with them and already have accounts for them. I do have a draft already in the works on a google document. However, I feel that it would be redundant to post that draft here and to then post my final copy on the site as well.  It would sort of be like seeing a movie trailer and deciding not to go to the movie because you feel like you’ve already seen it. Consider this a teaser; I am going to give you a brief summary of what to expect when you’re expecting….the final draft of my project but I won’t reveal all of the juicy bits just yet.

**(If Dr. Fodrey is reading this and wants to see the draft in progress, it is in the Digital Rhetoric folder I shared with you, smooshed in the middle of the document called “Social Media Notes.”)

The Breakdown:

Sonja Foss was cool enough to outline the various components of ideologies. So, to create order within my project I am organizing my thoughts and analysis by these components. The categories I cover are membership, group relations,  position, goals, core beliefs, values/norms, and activities. I combine some of these because they are so closely related it felt silly to separate them.

The Analysis:

Within the categories that I have created, I form deductions about ideologies based upon the social media posts that I came across. I then integrated screenshots of social media so that people can see the basis of my deductions….yes Sherlock fans the proper term for this process is inductive reasoning, but most people assume you’re wrong if you use the proper term because the term “deduction” has become normalized. It makes me mad too, but deal with it.

I don’t want to spoil my paper, so I’ll only share a few basic deductions *cringes* with you in list form (in no particular order).

  1. Minimalists are often portrayed as being white upper class women
  2. The Style of the posts hold great persuasive power
  3. Kairos is the minimalist movement’s friend
  4. They believe less is more
  5. They Value relationships and experiences over things
  6. Facebook and Pinterest use style and graphics, Youtube uses persuasive elements like ethos and pathos through verbal explanations.

Want to learn more about the ideologies of the minimalist movement as portrayed throughout social media? Stay tuned for the final draft of this project coming soon to PoppetbyPaige. Want even more of a teaser? Click here to check out just one of the many social media posts I’ll be discussing!

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