Taken by me, Paige Hawk

Starbucks and Stereotypes

One autumn not that long ago, I was standing in line at a Starbucks waiting to order my chai latte, extra chai, with soy milk. Someone of a different ethnicity was standing behind me and I heard him jeer, “Typical white girl, standing in line to get her Starbucks.” I was too annoyed with them to formulate a good comeback, but later as I thought about what had happened all I could think was, but they were standing in the same exact line.

The thing about life is that no matter what we go through, and no matter who we are, we’re all in the same line. We all have likes and dislikes. We all share the same emotions. One day, we’re all going to die. We like to assume that we’re extremely different from one another, and in some ways we are, but we’re never so different that we can justify categorizing people and treating them according to the stereotypes that we assign them.

Yes I enjoy Starbucks and I am indeed white and a girl. But so did that guy standing behind me in line. And so do my best friend who is Chinese, my Filipino friend, my black friends, and my Guatemalan friend. There are thousands of stereotypes out there, but they’re unfounded and harmful.

It is true that we have unique cultures and customs, but these should be celebrated and shared rather than cause for division. Because when it boils down to it, we are all individuals who cannot be placed into boxes and labeled as any one thing. We are all humans who want to live the best lives possible without the unnecessary obstacles that we create for one another. We are all in the same line, and we need to be respectful of one another while we’re in it.

Disclaimer: I am not a blogging professional, or a magical guru that can solve all of your problems. I cannot be held liable for triumphs, failures, or anything else that occurred to you as a result of reading the content on my blog. In this post I am not claiming to speak on behalf of Starbucks, and it is not my intention to make them look bad in any way shape or form. I am also not intentionally promoting them, so if this makes you crave a coffee that’s on you.


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