Courtesy of Viktor Hanacek

The One With the Group Project (On Arrangement)

Ah group projects. When I told my mom that I was going to be spending my friday afternoon working on one, the only response that she had was a firm, “yuck.” She knows that I usually  get stuck in groups where I do all of the work and everyone else gets all of the credit. But I learned how to have some fun if I recognized that I was the only one willing to get things done. One time I decided to mess with my group project team by typing jokes into the presentation notes knowing that they’d only look at them as they were reading them in front of the class. Luckily they thought my prank was as hilarious as I did and they weren’t mad; they had simply learned their lesson when it came to doing their portion of their work.

I can honestly say this project, a presentation on the concept of “Arrangement,” was different because I loved the group that I was working with. Meeting with them wasn’t a chore; it was enjoyable. We even liked one another enough to go to Vegan Treats. Yeah, you heard me correctly, we actually wanted to spend time together outside of what was required. There should be a monument erected in our honor.

To kickstart the project, I created a google folder and created a document entitled, “notes.” I wrote a solid page of notes that were later integrated into the presentation, and this document also became the place for everyone to share their ideas. The next thing that I did was scour the internet for hours trying to find a good video example to use to demonstrate the concept of “arrangement”. I wanted to find an example that isn’t boring, so I landed on a remixed movie trailer. My group members also had great ideas, but we ultimately decided that mine was the most suitable. My final contribution other than general support and editing of the presentation (and providing Sara with sushi for dinner) was to find non-creative common licensed pictures for our imovie.


Here is the link to our presentation!


Header Image Courtesy of Viktor Hanacek


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